Kalamazoo 2019

Papers of Interest:

S43, Thursday at 10
Far and Foul Winds in the Lais of Marie de France 
Karen Casebier, Univ. of Tennessee–Chattanooga

Session 242, Friday at 1:30
A Concerning Complex: Courtly Love and Chivalry in Marie de France
Rachel Walkover, Univ. of Rochester

S320, Friday at 3:30
Obscure Names: Reimagining Origins in the Lais of Marie de France 
Emily Dalton, Princeton Univ.

S348, Sponsored by the International Marie de France Society

Such Devoted Sisters: Sorority in Le Frêne and Eliduc 
Leslie Anderson, Bellarmine Univ. 

Conjecture: Deus amanz and Marie’s Identity 
Rupert T. Pickens, Univ. of Kentucky

Monastic Mothering: Marie’s Le Fresne and Historical Women’s Communities 
Carol Neel, Colorado College 

Femininity, Fear, and Friendship: Exploring the Homonormative in Marie de France’s Bisclavret 
Jillian K. Sutton, California State Univ.–Long Beach

International Marie de Society Business Meeting
Fetzer 1030, 12pm on Saturday