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  • Kalamazoo 2019

    Papers of Interest: S43, Thursday at 10Far and Foul Winds in the Lais of Marie de France Karen Casebier, Univ. of Tennessee–Chattanooga Session 242, Friday at 1:30A Concerning Complex: Courtly Love and Chivalry in Marie de FranceRachel Walkover, Univ. of Rochester S320, Friday at 3:30Obscure Names: Reimagining Origins in the Lais of Marie de France Emily Dalton, Princeton Univ. S348, Sponsored by the International Marie […]

  • 2019 ACMRS & MAP JOINT CONFERENCE: Panels of Interest

    1c. Textual and Linguistic Transformation in Medieval Scandinavia “Transforming the Werewolf: Bisclavret’s Textual Transmission and Reception in Thirteenth- to Fifteenth-Century Scandinavia” Basil Price, Arizona State University “The Magical Other: The Marginalization of Magical Women in the Íslendingasögur” Tristan Rebe, Arizona State University  “Religion, Magic, and Medieval Narratives” Laurie Price, University of New Mexico 4e. The […]

  • 2019 MAP/ACMRS Conference CFP: “The Magical Mammal in Marie De France”

    Call For Papers for International Marie De France Society Sponsored Session 2019 MAP/ACMRS Conference “Magic, Religion, and Science in the Global Middle Ages and Renaissance” “The Magical Mammal in Marie De France” This session seeks papers that focus on the works of Marie de France and the intersection of magic and the animal body. Recent […]

  • International Marie de France Society Call For Papers for Kalamazoo 2019

    (1 – Papers) Family and Kinship in Marie de France Twelfth-century woman poet and author of the Lais, Marie de France has long been celebrated for the richness of her courtly texts. However, her detailed insights into life and love are by no means limited to the courtly love paradigm. Rather, Marie’s works present her […]

  • New Edition of Marie de France’s Lais

    The Lais of Marie de France: Text and Translation Translated and edited by Claire M. Waters (UC Davis) Copyright: Broadview Press, 2018 ISBN: 9781554810826 Cost: $15.95 Broadview Press is publishing a new, facing-page edition of Marie de France’s lais. Alongside the twelve lais, the Appendices features critical essays and manuscript information.